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March 24, 2020 - What are business owners doing during this COVID-19 Shutdown?

This post is gauged toward: Eye Care Professionals

Special thanks to many lesson's learned thanks to StudioPtbo's Fire Side Chat

Time to go hard online

  • This is the time to become the authority in your space
  • Customers are getting an increased amount of screen time and you're missing out on the opportunity to reach them on social media and on your website.
  • Invest in online - that means get a camera, a photobox, backdrop, whatever you need to take pictures of your inventory, videos teaching or giving advice on how customers can still engage with your business
  • Its businesses who become front of mind through this COVID-19 shutdown that are going to see the most growth in their business once it’s over. People are going to know who to trust while the fear lingers around those businesses who haven’t declared their position on how the virus is affecting their work flow.
  • People are going to be selling things they’ve never sold before - this means gift cards, vouchers, online consults, telemedicine and more.
  • Some experts are saying we are in a depression now - what does that mean for businesses? It means the next 24 months you likely aren’t going to hit the financial goals you set. Re-adjust and find a way to be happy with your new goals. They are more than you would have made if you stood still, and you will come out on top compared to those businesses who didn’t set new goals and sat stagnant too long. This will play a big part on your mental health as well. Do not stress about things you cannot control and begin to influence the things you can control.
  • There is a growing trend of retiring business owners who were on the verge of selling their practices who are now beginning to cut their losses and retire/sell off the business. *Alexander Optical has connections to clinic value appraisal services available if you need them - Contact and make the subject line "Looking for Clinic Appraisal" so we can flag it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Take Inventory

  • With physical products and with your staff - this is the time to start learning, its time to record processes and stress test them
  • This is the time to start learning, its time to record processes and stress test them
  • This is the time to know exactly the value of product you have and make a new plan to sell each of those products. Perhaps you sell those products at new offerings - this could mean bundles, down payments on a service, deals or discounts
  • Communicate with your team about what you learn during this time and shon't be shy scared or nervous to learn from one another
  • Reassure your teams about yoru plan
  • Talk about COVID-19 and how you will protect yourself and your team

Find a way to get on a video chat with your client

  • Video is blowing up right now - we are using it right now to facilitate this chat. It's easy to join, you can do it from home and there is a lot of free platforms to use. We use - their telehealth function is new, but it's already brilliant and exceptionally functional.
  • Examples to get your brain going: There are lawncare businesses doing backyard consults right now via FaceTime right now. Physiotherapy company Pulse Physiotherapy going Viral on TikTok doing online workouts - perfect time to engage their customers with video-consults for how training at home is going.

March 26, 2020 - The Canadian Association of Optometrists held a video conference highlighting company: EyeCareLive, A Tele-Health Solution for Optometrists

This post is gauged toward: Eye Care Professionals

Special thanks to many lesson's learned thanks to EyeCareLive's Sales Team and the CAO for organizing the tele-conference.

Emphasis that the platform, and no tele-health platform can provide a comprehensive eye exam

  • The conversation was prefaced by exclaiming the main highlight of the tool is to use it to reduce filled-chairs in-clinic that aren't revenue producing patients anymore. I.e. an optometrist would use tele-health to reconnect with a patient two-weeks after their exam to ensure they got the prescription for eye drops they gave the patient. During this time the doctor could provide any extra guidance required to the patient for putting in the drops if they are experiencing difficulty.
  • Meeting a patient is referred to as an encounter on the platform - encounters are separated into two categories: 1) Asynchronous Care - described as anything that is not live-chat. Any images, static messages or sharing of recorded videos or files. 2) Synchronous Care - described as anything that is live between the professional and patient.
  • The most common customers are the busy professionals and concerned parents
  • EyeCareLive supports two EMR connections - CrystalPM and Compulink.
  • For using EyeCareLive with an EMR that is not supported, it is suggested that professionals use the built-in PDF upload/download tools built into the platform.
  • During this time, EyeCareLive is waiving the onboarding fee: Value of $250-$750. This is a part of the COVID-19 Pricing.
  • COVID-19 Pricing: per doctor license, staff are free, entry of $99 for 6 months, after that $149USD per month billed annually $1788USD - pricing is usually dependent on location.
  • Contact to reach a sales agent

March 26, 2020 - Update on OHIP Billing Codes for ODs

This post is gauged toward: Eye Care Professionals

Special thanks to the clinic owners who are providing us feedback during this shutdown.

  • We are expecting to hear more from the Canadian Association of Optometrists in the week of April 6-10

March 31, 2020 - How will Alexander Optical pivot after business development meetings with expert marketing agencies and accounting agencies

This post is gauged toward: Eye Care Professionals

Special thanks to many lesson's learned thanks to StudioPtbo's Fire Side Chat, and How to Survive and Thrive during COVID-19 with Gauvreau and Associate's Professional Chartered Accountants

This Telehealth thing is going to be huge for the Health Care Industry - it can be for our optical as well if we do it right

  • Most clinics already have the infrastructure to facilitate a telehealth component as an extension of their clinic. We recommend because we use it as our EMR, Scheduling System, Training System and Telehealth provider.
  • We need to invest in quality gear for our professionals providing Telehealth services; Mics, Webcams, Lighting, Backdrops
  • Make adjustments to website to reflect changes in product/service offerings
  • Work on marketing plans - branding, logos, social-media, email marketing, video, infographics
  • As a pivot into Telehealth - maybe we can use the revenue generated from Telehealth consults and apply it as a voucher toward the patient making a purchase when they visit the store upon back to work agreements coming into place?

Leadership lessons

  • Communication is going to be extra important right now - we have to stay open-minded and respond quickly
  • Even during shutdown, we need to take adequate time to tend to our business - this might mean exploring new online products, tools and networks to leverage during this downtime. Think: When else would you have the time to do this research with your busy schedule?