Checklists to Opening a Clinic

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Opening a Clinic

No set-up fees. We get paid from bringing you customers.

We launch clinics and flood them with patients. Proactive marketing techniques and real estate locations are key to our process of helping you achieve your goal of owning your own clinic.

Getting Ready:

We help you open your doors.

We have incredible supply chain partners that will make your space feel welcoming and professional.

We will outfit the optical, the exam room and a pre-testing space with the technology and equipment to maximize the return on your time.

We will also help you get your digital space prepared as well. Everything from your EMR to Checkout.

But first, make sure you can check off the following boxes:

  • You are licensed and in good standing with your professional association

  • You're insured. If not, that's okay we can help you obtain competitive rates - but you must have insurance in order to practice.

  • You are prepared to make the financial investment to open your clinic. This meanings having cash or credit to obtain equipment and hire your team. We recommend a line of credit between $25,000-$50,000. We can help you write your business case and prepare a financial forecast for the primary lender to review.

  • You have a team prepared to join your practice. If not, we can help you refine your talent acquisition process and assist with interviewing candidates.

  • You are coachable. This is the #1 character trait identified by entrepreneurs that helped them succeed.

Non-Essentials but are important to keep in mind:

  • Do you have real-estate in mind? Let us review your floor plan and location to maximize access for your customers.

  • Do you have an existing EMR and patient data base? If so, great! If not, let us help you get equipped.

Launching the Clinic:

We help your team to see their potential:

We provide you a seamless and fun experience that your team will love. The clinic will provide eye exams and we bring plenty of glasses for you to choose from.

We have the tools to build you a practice playbook. This includes your all of your policies, procedures, operations strategies; this process alone will save you hundreds of hours of consultations from 3rd party service providers.

If you successfully checked off the boxes in the Getting Ready check list, you are prepared to meet with our team.

Prepare for:

  • Going through a business plan

  • Going through a financial forecast

  • Going through standard operating procedures

  • Customer acquisition and retention strategies

  • Inventory and EMR management

  • Insurance and Point of Sale

  • Human resources and hiring

  • Service agreements

  • User terms and conditions

  • Branding and media connections

  • Marketing and content creation

Maintaining the Clinic:

Helping you see the return on your investment

When you understand your key performance indicators, the path to break-even and profitability becomes attainable

Our team's expertise in business development is what makes us special. We are constantly innovating to make your lives easier and more productive. Let us help you show you what's coming in the industry, how you can be prepared for it and profit from it. Your patients and your team will thank you for it.

Once you've launched your clinic, there is still plenty of work to be done to ensure your continued growth and success.

Prepare for:

  • Evolving your key performance indicators

  • Innovation meetings

  • Growing your team

  • Improving your branding and messaging

  • Just-in-time ordering systems

  • Story telling and community involvement

  • Incorporating new technology and equipment

  • Managing finances

  • Harnessing data

  • Contributing back to the development of the industry

Growing the Clinic

In order to become something you have never been, you must do things you've never done.

Growing your business can mean many things - increasing the number of patients you're seeing, increasing profitability, etc. One thing is for sure, you need to make attainable steps in order to achieve your next set of goals.

Together, let's help understand what you want to get out of your clinic and set you on the path to accomplish that. A priority of ours is to help you grow to the capacity you are comfortable growing into. For example, if you want to grow into a multi-disciplinary practice, let's help you acquire the talent, space and tools to help you do that. Another example might be if you want to grow into a multi-practice chain, but that will require different steps.

We can help you avoid the pitfalls of overcoming these monumental challenges by yourself, resulting in saving yourself time, energy and money.

At this point, growth is harder to conceptualize into a 'check list' due to the process being much more consultative in nature but here are a few things you can expect:

Prepare for:

  • Your advertising budget will likely increase

  • Your team will likely increase in size

  • Your asset list will grow

  • Your corporate governance will become more structured

  • You will have more meetings with your leadership team

  • You will spend more time developing the skill sets of your team

  • You may decide to out-source / delegate tasks to more 3rd party service providers

  • You may decide to in-source / hire to complete tasks previously done by 3rd party providers

  • You will explore ways to reduce costs and increase profitability

  • A lot of new ideas and opportunities being presented to you

At the end of the day, with the right team in place you will find your business to continue growing as long as you pace yourself and you don't lose your ethics and purpose for being in business. We look forward to being a part of this adventure with you.

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